Drizzle Kernel Function Note

Playing with Drizzle again.

Saw a mention on the PixInsight forums about Drizzling with factor 1. Apparently this can help reduce the noise in your stacked image? Odd idea, I will have to try that sometime.

Tried varying the drizzle Kernel function. There are several possibilities, primarily Square (default), circular, and Gaussian. Potentially Gaussian can provide better results, but needs a larger number of subs to work well.

So, I tried doing 16 subs (Blue filter of M100, binned x2, 15 minutes each), using each of the 3 functions. I used a 0.9 drop size for each, drizzling by a factor of 2. The hardware was the STF8300M / Edge 11 combination. Measured the noise of the integrated image using the Noise script.

Kernel Noise (e-4)
No Drizzling 2.590
Square 1.511
Circle 2.015
Gaussian 2.580

Clearly in this case the default Square function performed the best. The Gaussian took significantly longer to calculate and was no better than not drizzling at all..


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