Dome is On

Starting to look like an observatory

Starting to look like an observatory

When the Exploradome came in to Stellarvision a couple of weeks ago I drove down and picked up the roof part, roof panels, the ring, and various parts. I got the parts all assembled on the building. 2 days ago Frank then drove the dome itself up, and we got it on the roof with the help of his son.

Spent some time adjusting the wheels so it seems to rotate pretty well. I don’t really know what I am doing there, I ended up adjusting things to avoid rubbing of the dome against the wheel hardware. The dome is off round an inch or two, shorter in the axis along the shutter.

I then installed the retainer ring parts. This was a pain, because they rubbed up against the dome. I ended up sawing off 1/4 to 1/2 inch along the retainer pieces to get everything so it doesn’t rub.

Next, need to install the automation motor, sensors, and so on.