Pleaides – M45


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Common Name: Pleaides
Formal Name: M45
Date: 10/29/05
Constellation: Taurus
Location: Ionia
Hardware: Tak Sky90 at f/5 piggybacked on Nexstar 11GPS, SBig 2000XM Camera/Filter Wheel
Temperature: -5C
Bin Mode: 1×1
Images: (6) x 10 minute + (4) x 5 minute Blue exposures = 85 minutes (3) x 5 minute Red = 15 minutes(3) x 5 minute Green = 15 minutes(8) x 5 minute + (1) x 10 minutes Luminous = 50 minutes Total 165 minutes5 Flat fields (T shirt)
Processing: Reduced in CCDSoft, aligned in RegistarStacked in Images Plus (Adaptive add, Red & green scaled by 2)Histograms and curves adjusted in PixInsightAdjusted Levels and Curves, cropped in Photoshop

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