IC 1284

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Common Name:
Formal Name: IC 1284
Date: 7/2/2014
Constellation: Sagittarius
Location: BrewSky Observatory, Casa Grande
Hardware: Takahashi Sky90 on Paramount, SBig ST2000XM Camera/Filter Wheel

15 minute unguided exposures

Temperature: -10C (sometimes more like -5)
Bin Mode: 1×1
Images: (18) x 15 minute HAlpha exposures
(8) x 15 minute Green
(11) x 15 minute OIII
Total Time = 9.25 hours
Sky Flat fields 
Processing: This version uses only HAlpha-Green-Oiii exposures in the RGB channels. (Synthetic Lum by integrating RGB).
Reduced in Maxim, Aligned/Stacked/Processed in PixInsight
Notes: There seems to be a lot of confusion about the names of these objects. IC 1284 usually refers to the red cloud, also known as Sh 2-37. Some people refer to this cloud as IC 1283, others indicate that IC 1283 refers to a smaller sub-cloud inside IC 1284. The overall red cloud may also be referred to as IC 4700.

The lower blue reflection nebula is variously known as NGC 6590,  NGC 6595 or NGC 6589. The other small blue nebula is known as NGC 6589 (seems more correct).

The star cluster at the upper left is M 24.

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