Triangulum – M33


Click on image for full display

Common Name: Triangulum Galaxy
Formal Name: M33
Date: 7/24/2007, 8/30/2007
Constellation: Triangulum
Location: West Texas for most of the shots; a few at Ionia
Hardware: Tak Sky90, SBig 2000XM Camera/Filter WheelManual focusing.
Temperature: -20C
Bin Mode: 1×1
Images: (2) x 30 minute Red + (1) x 15 minute (Astrodon)(2) x 30 minute Green(2) x 15 minute Blue = total 2 hr 45 minutesNo Flats; lots of wind bouncing
Processing: Reduced in CCDSoftAligned in RegistarColors combined in Images PlusAdjusted histograms, curves in PixInsightAdjusted Levels and Curves in Photoshop

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