Flaming Star – IC 405 Redux

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Common Name: Flaming Star Nebula
Formal Name: IC 405
Date: 11/27/2014
Constellation: Auriga
Location: BrewSky Observatory, Casa Grande
Hardware: Takahashi Sky90 on Paramount, SBig ST2000XM Camera/Filter Wheel

unguided exposures

Temperature: -10C
Bin Mode: 1×1
Images: (10) x 10 minute Red exposures     1.7 hr
(14) x 10 minute Green                   2.3 hr
(13) x 10 minute Blue                     2.1 hr
(14) x 10 minute HAlpha                2.3 hr
(9) x 10 minute Lum                       1.5 hr
Total Time =   10 hours
Sky Flat fields
Processing: Created HaRGB using the NRGBCombination tool. Created a first Synthetic Lum by integrating Red, Green, Blue, Lum, and Ha. Then PixelMath to create final synth Lum = 0.7Ha + 0.3 Synthetic Lum. This final Lum inserted into the HaRGB.
Reduced in Maxim, Aligned/Stacked/Processed in PixInsight
Notes: IC 405 (also known as the Flaming Star Nebula, SH 2-229, or Caldwell 31) is an emission/reflection nebula in the constellation Auriga, surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae. It shines at magnitude +6.0. Its celestial coordinates are RA 05h 16.2m dec +34° 28′. It surrounds the irregular variable star AE Aurigae and is located near the emission nebula IC 410, the open clusters M38 and M36, and the naked-eye K-class star Hassaleh. The nebula measures approximately 37.0′ x 19.0′, and lies about 1,500 light-years away. It is believed that the proper motion of the central star can be traced back to the Orion’s Belt area. The nebula is about 5 light-years across. – Wikipedia

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