More Drift Issue

The previous refractor model was disappointing. I decided to run a separate model for the Edge 11 while I tried to figure out what to do next.

Well, the model came out terrible. Around 300 points, and the RMS was around 43 after supermodel. 20 as bins, elongated in EW direction. So, I went out and tried to find something loose, and what do you know – the front strap on the Homeyer cradle is not attached! The strap is not in the back slot on the cradle. Scary – I don’t know if there is a real risk of the Edge actually falling out of the cradle, but that is certainly scary looking.

Fixed the cradle, also made sure screws were all tight on the 8300. Ran a new model, and it came out great. 7.6 as RMS, 5 as bins, nicely centered points, etc. Now I need to re-run the refractor model, since the loose strap should also mess up the refractor. I have hopes that I may finally get a good model on the refractor;)

Notes – I seem to be having problems when AAG_TPointMapper selects points near 355+ degrees in the North, and 180 deg in the South. The SkyX scriptor throws an error, something about bad syncing near the meridian? Prob need to select Az values asymmetric so 180 isn’t selected?

Of course, I have ordered the Celestron OAG for the refractor. I intend to run this with the Starfish, since I don’t expect I will ever get the 10 min unguided exposures I am hoping for. This will change the balance of the scope, so I will need to re-run the models. I also ordered a Star Analyser 200 for the Edge. So, I will install the SA200 in the 8300 filter wheel, get the OAG installed, and then start again. Of course, when I tried to install the OAG today I discovered they did not include the correct adaptors. There is supposed to be a male 48 and male 42; instead, there are 2 male 48s. OPT will have Celestron send the M42.





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