Regreasing MX Adventure

It has come to my attention on various Bisque and ACP posts that I should grease the gears on the MX yearly. Since I have never done this, I figure it’s about time.

Of course, I immediately screwed up. First, I removed the knob on the Dec worm gear box. Wrong, the knob is supposed to come off with the cover. Second, I left the mount in Gear Engaged mode, thinking I would need to run the gears to access the various segments of the gear. Wrong, one is supposed to work with it in Balance mode. Third, I saw the gear for the belt drive and thought that was the target gear, so I greased that. Nope, wrong gear.

After emails with Bisque, I was led to a nice video describing how to disassemble and reassemble the worm block.

I was able to correctly reassemble the knob on the shaft.

I then tediously managed to clean the grease off the belt and gear.

Subsequent removal of the worm block (with motor intact) was successful. Cleaned the worm with a rag, then with toothbrush. Used a rag to clean the main gear, got everything reassembled. There could be an issue that I did not get the lower worm block screws tight enough; I don’t have T Allen wrenches.

Finally, did the cam adjustment. Seemed easy, hopefully it is correct.

Repeated the procedure on the Ra gear. Ran the TCS mount exerciser 6 times, everything seems to be working.

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