New Observatory Start in Arizona

Its has been awhile, because my wife and I have just retired and are in the process of relocating to Arizona. So, I have removed everything from the rolloff and moved the mount and telescopes to Az. We are still selling the New York house, so everything has not been moved yet. I am in Arizona with a subset of tools, getting our new-to-us house fixed up, cleaned, etc.

The new house has a couple of very nice features. 1) fairly dark skies 2) a separate, very nice workshop about the size of a double garage. 3) a small building meant to serve as a gardening shed, which I plan to convert to my observatory with an Exploradome top. The building is built very well, and has power, water, concrete floor. It happens to be 10′ 1 inch on a side, so the Exploradome should install nicely.

Original gardening shed

Original gardening shed

The picture shows the original building after I moved 3 large, beautiful pine trees which previously were right next to the building. The roof needs to come off, and pier installed. To keep the regular sized walls, the pier will be a tall 8 feet high. Hopefully I can make that work…


After several days of work, the roof is now gone. I installed the drip edge from the roof around the edges, hopefully the Exploradome roof panels will install in place.

I rented a concrete saw from Home Depot, and cut the floor where the pier will be installed. I was very nervous about this part, but it went very smoothly. The saw cut smoothly and wasn’t as dangerous feeling as I thought it might be. I cut extra lines in the center concrete, maybe that will make it easier to remove the concrete.

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