Making Progress

Making progress with the calibration routines.

After adding the straps, I no longer see the drift in RA. Odd, I now see some wandering in DEC.

Reran another 71 point TPoint. Supermodel again says to make small adjustments. Today (Sunday) I drove down and

– adjusted polar alignment again

– focused guider. Had to tighten the focuser tension significantly.

– adjusted the C11 so it now focuses closer to 3500 (3800 now). Made sure the mirror locks are pretty tight.

Yesterday, ran a long PEC data collection run. It showed 2.8 arcsecond variation. I think the seeing was better today, plus I got a longer run since it wasn’t drifting all over in RA.

PEC Fit with long run

Applied the generated PEC curve, and remeasured PEC. It was now a bit worse at 3.3 arcsec.

So, I reversed the PEC curve (turned off the “Collected when pointing West” flag. Applied this one, and now the PEC is a bit better:

PEC after applying reversed PEC

Tried running a 5 minute exposure with TPoint applied (71 points), Protrack running, and PEC applied. Looks pretty good! CCDInspector shows a 9% aspect ratio – stars look pretty round. Since I expect to run only as long as 5 minutes with the Canon, this is pretty cool.

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